2018 Year 7-11 Applications are Closed | 2018 Primary Applications are Closed

2018 Reserve List Status

To provide greater clarity to parents, the next possible offer in each grade and performing arts strand will be identified below. However, an actual offer can only be made if a vacancy occurs. This could be through :

1. An existing HSPA student relinquishing their position; or
2. A 2018 offered position is rejected.

Should neither of these situations occur, then no reserve offer can be made. Please keep checking this page for updates. As soon as reserve positions become available, parents will be notified by phone and mail.

The next possible offer, which could be made in each grade and performing arts strand is:

Year 3-6
Year 3 - Not yet available
Year 4 - 1
Year 5 - Not yet available
Year 6 - 1

Year 76516
Year 8123
Year 9251
Year 10133

Year 11 Preliminary HSC
Year 11 students are offered positions across a single reserve list for all three Performing Arts strands


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