As part of our strong and ongoing commitment to 21st century teaching and learning excellence, HSPA has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program across Years 3-12. Students are encouraged and expected to bring a personally-owned device to school which can connect to the school's wireless network and support their learning.

What device should you purchase for BYOD?
  • Video - What should you look for in a BYOD for HSPAThis clip was taken from the parent technology information night and describes the specifications and recommendations required for successful BYOD purchase at HSPA
  • Devices MUST be able to connect to a 5Ghz dual band wireless network, which is "802.11ac". Make sure you specify this when considering purchasing a device. All DET high schools use a 5Ghz only network and NOT the 2.4Ghz network which most households have. Older or cheaper devices may only be able to connect to a 2.4Ghz network, making it incompatible with the school's 5Ghz network.
  • For laptops, our minimum device specification recommendation is currently 4GB of Ram and 64GB Hard Drive, regardless of make or model. If you purchase below this recommendation, the device will very fast become unusable because it will become slow and full. Battery life is also another important thing to consider, as the device needs battery capacity to be able to last through the day.
  • It is important to understand the school takes no responsibility for 'BYODevices' (including any damage or theft) and no technical support is available, except for providing instruction on connecting to the school Wi-Fi, and further connection support if needed.

HSPA Technology - systems overview

Video - This clip was taken from the parent information night and describes the systems used at HSPA along with their purpose

What is Canvas?

Video - Canvas is the LMS used at HSPA to manage online learning. This clip was taken from the parent technology information night and describes the advantages and purpose of Canvas

How do I connect my device to the school's Wi-Fi? See below for instructions.

How do I download Office 365 and Google Apps?

BYOD Parent Support


  • Video 1
  • Video 2
  • Furthering the development of 21st century skills.
  • Continue HSPA's strong commitment to engaging and relevant 21C teaching and learning.
  • The integral nature of these devices to the students' own world.
  • Pressure from students to use their own devices in class (many requests from schools).
  • Leveraging students' attachment to their own devices to deepen learning and make learning more personalised and student centred.
  • The availability of cloud based storage and applications.
  • Increasing parental support for such a move.
  • Student comfort level with, and care for, their own devices
  • Worldwide trend
  • Student expectations
  • Teachers' programs have technology embedded throughout
  • Preparation for employment, tertiary and further study opportunities



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